America’s New
Energy Headquarters

Powering Progress,
Driving Business Forward.

A Top Location for Change

At Louisiana Future Energy, we believe it is vital that energy innovation takes place at the site of production. Our primary goals are to attract and establish new business ventures in Louisiana, facilitate the growth of existing businesses into diverse energy sectors, and encourage companies to establish deep, lasting roots in Louisiana.

All-Of-The-Above Energy Future

Our economic landscape ripe for both traditional and renewable energy ventures:

  • • Natural Gas (LNG)
  • • Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage
  • • Wind Energy
  • • Renewable Fuels
  • • Energy Storage Solutions
  • • Solar Power & Manufacturing
  • • Nuclear Energy
  • • Green Hydrogen
  • • Battery Tech & Manufacturing
  • • Oil & Gas Operations

Louisiana’s Energy Sector:
Positioned for the Future

As a historic leader in the energy sector, Louisiana Future Energy builds on our state’s rich legacy and propel it into a future of diversified energy solutions, fostering economic growth and changing the trajectory of Louisiana through energy innovation. Doing business in Louisiana provides energy companies the ideal pro-business environment to innovate, produce, and deliver to global markets.  

Infrastructure Legacy 

Louisiana is poised for immediate partnership, with robust existing operations and research & development focused on enhancing new energy resources.

Geographical Edge

Large site opportunities for new developments, access to the Gulf of Mexico, with proximity to the Mississippi River and major transportation routes including ports, rail systems, and roads.

Cost Efficiency & Stability

Louisiana offers low cost and reliable business opportunities with its abundant access to energy assets and reliable infrastructure.

Skilled Workforce

A ready pool of professionals experienced in energy sectors, supported by progressive educational programs.

Community Spirit

Louisiana’s culture of community and hospitality invites deep roots and enduring partnerships.

Advancing Innovation

Louisiana’s energy landscape is rapidly advancing, with innovation at its core.

Building for Tomorrow, and Beyond

Fueled by federal, state, and private sector investments, Louisiana Future Energy aspires to ignite progress in emerging energy sectors. Through inventive collaboration and a steadfast pursuit of its all-of-the above strategy, these initiatives are laying the foundation for regional growth over the next century. With H2theFuture empowering local research and workforce development, FUEL NSF Engine investing hundreds of millions in future energy R&D, and Gulf Louisiana Offshore Wind (GLOW) developing offshore energy pilot infrastructure, the potential is limitless.

Business Attraction

Provide direct support to companies interested in developing Louisiana operations through our partnership of five economic development organizations.

Workforce Development

Investing in the energy workforce of the future, led by the insights of diverse energy leaders and implemented by technical college and higher education partners.


Supporting discovery of next-generation energy solutions across South Louisiana’s premier research institutions, driving innovation and progress in global energy transformation.


Creating a global destination for innovation through proximity to the unique infrastructure, assets, and customer base necessary for the growth of energy startups.